"BIG UPS" - @dhanung

Hey Dancers and Ragers! Welcome to the wonderful experience that is The Dance Rage! My name is Dhanung Bulsara, however some folks like to call me D for short. BUT, because I like you so much and it just seems to be a lot more funner (is that a word?) YOU can call me Big Ups :)

I am your extremely lucky Host and Guide through Competition Weekend. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I’ve been for this opprotunity and it only gets better with every year and every city!

Growing up in a East Indian home, Bollywood movies became a staple in my house. Our home was filled with the tunes and beats from my native country of India. So I often found myself (or caught by others) either singing or dancing, and this is what developed my passion for not only dancing but entertaining people as well!

As I grew older, I gained more confidence in my dancing skills but more importantly performing in front of a crowd.  As I continued to dance and perform, I also really gained a knack for public speaking and hosting events. My passion steered me towards studying Film & Broadcast Journalism and after graduating, lead me to a position in Radio.

My journey up til point has been filled with so many different experiences and unique opportunities. I’m most recognized now for my work with blogTO as a host & I also just recently wrapped up a campaign with CAA in celebrating their 150th anniversary as the face and host of their live streams.


I also just landed the title of the Raptors 905 IN ARENA HOST! someone pinch me!

I’ve got everything from fashion shows, music show cases, sporting and community events under my belt.  But, nothing’s been more special then my time with The Dance Rage. Competition weekend’s are some of my most exciting experiences of the year, and I look forward to it every time. My goal is to deliver not only incredible time, but my hope is that you will carry an unforgettable memory with you forever!

I really hope that I have the great pleasure of meeting you one day, and if I’ve met you already, I look forward to it again!