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Acro: A routine that consists of both acrobatic/gymnastic technique along with dance choreography, inclusive of tricks.

Ballet: A routine that consists of ballet technique while incorporating classical movements and steps.

Character Ballet: A routine portraying a character or stereotype and must consist of ballet technique.

Contemporary: A routine that incorporates the modern technique.

Hip Hop: A routine that consists of freestyle, street dance, break, funk, etc.

Jazz: A routine consisting primarily of jazz technique. Must not contain more than 3 Acro tricks.

Lyrical: A routine that expresses the lyrics of the music. Must not contain more than 3 Acro tricks.

Modern: A routine consisting of modern technique movement. Should incorporate balance, control and extensions.

Musical Theatre: A routine portraying a character(s) through dance and costuming. Lip syncing is allowed. Any form of dance may be incorporated.

Open: A routine which does not fit into any other dance category. Up to 8 Acro tricks are permitted.   

Pointe: A routine performed in pointe shoes using classical ballet steps or contemporary ballet technique.

Production: A routine must have a minimum of 17 dancers. Can incorporate any style(s) of dance or acrobatics but must have a story/theme portrayed throughout the entire performance.*All productions compete against each other for the Overall Production Award * Must be 3 to qualify.

Song and Dance: A routine consisting of dance and vocals. Pre-recording of songs are not permitted. Routine must consist of at least 50% dance.*Microphones are permitted and supplied by the studio.

Tap: A routine consists primarily of tap technique. Pre-recorded tap sounds are not permitted.  

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Munchkin - 6 & Under

Mini - 7 to 9

Junior - 10 to 12

Intermediate - 13 to 15

Senior -  16 to 19


Adult -  20 & Over

*All divisions compete against true age category.

*Adults are not eligible for any overall awards.


Solo - 1 Dancer

Duet/Trio - 2 to 3 Dancers


Petite Group - 4 to 6 Dancers

Small Group - 7 to 9 Dancers

Large Group - 10 to 12 Dancers

Line - 13 to 17 Dancers

Extended Line - 18+ Dancers


Production  - 17+ Dancers

*Must have at least 3 in category to receive Overall Awards
*Top 3 Overall Placements are awarded in each age division (excluding Adult)  per dance category
*Groups (Petite, Small, Large) are combined when not enough entries

*Solos, Duet/Trios receive medals

*All Groups receive ribbons or place cards

*Soloists can only place once in Overalls


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