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  • A deposit of $500 may be left to hold your space until the final entry deadline.

    • Please note that there are NO refunds once payments have been received and registration is completed. 


  • If payment is not paid in full by the deadline given by TDR there will be a 10% charge & $30 for NSF cheques.

  • Final Schedule will not be sent if there is an outstanding balance on your entry fees.

  • TDR reserves the right to Change/Modify the schedule, Add/Subtract days and Cancel the Competition due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • By attending TDR you are giving the right to use any Photographs & Videos taken by DRC & Dance Bug during the event for Media Purposes.

  • No Video Recording or Photographs taken during performances.

  • Venue & Change rooms will open 1hr prior to the event.


Novice Solo:

A dancer who is performing a Solo for their first competitive season.

They may have danced in a Duet/Trio or Group in other years.


Novice Duet/Trio:

This is the dancers first year performing in a Duet/Trio. They have not performed in

a Solo or Duet/Trio in previous years but may have danced in a Group.


Novice Groups/Line/Ext Line:

75% of the competitors in the routine have not competed in previous years in a

Solo, Duet/Trio or Groups/Line/Ext Line.


Competitive Level 1:

Defined as someone who has previously competed and who trains 6 hours per week or less.

Solos, Duet/Trios must be 100% competitive level 1 and 75% of Groups/Lines/Ext Lines

must be at this level.


Competitive Level 2: 

Defined as someone who has previously competed and who currently trains

more than 6 hours per week.

  • Solos, Duets/Trios - Max time 3 minutes

  • All Groups - Max time 3:30 minutes

  • Lines/Ext Lines - Max time 4:00 minutes

  • Productions - Max time 15:00 minutes


*Please notify TDR for any prop set ups

*These time limits are for scheduling purposes only. Please contact TDR if your dance exceeds the time limit.


Music must be handed in at the beginning of the competition or prior via Dance Bug.

  • Remember to clearly label your USB with your studio name and dance titles.

  • Please bring a backup master copy of your music.

  • Profanity is not permitted. A penalty will be enforced at the judges discretion.

  • Age appropriate.

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